January 30, 2013 § 5 Comments

Guest Post by Juliana Schmit


my little boy, the joy of my life
my ambitious two-year-old son
he can walk, speak, and point out a cow
or run away when he hears me say “come”
Be it impatience or gleeful song,
the span of his emotion is clear:
he croons “poor baby” to his crying sister
compassionately drawing her near

he is warmly and vividly flesh and blood
his being thrives with life
I’ve bandaged his bleeding and iced his bruises
and kept his tiny feet covered at night

I’ve seen his eyes, their melty brown light
look wounded when I snap too loud
and I’ve seen them crinkle and shine in wonder
when I hold him and say that I’m proud

he knows he’s a person, a funny one, too
he entertains and adores the spotlight
he knows he’s captured the heart of his father
who rushes home to him each night

Anyone could see the way he grows
in every aspect, every day
but who would look and make the claim
“Boy, your fertilized egg turned out great!”

I’d probably turn and furrow my brow
but before I could even respond
would another exclaim “yes it was nice of you
to let that unviable tissue inside of your womb live on!”

are we looking at the same child, I wonder
could they purposely be so blind
so eager to accept mainstream euphemisms
and dismiss my child with practiced lines?

because this toddler that I’m looking at
is a human now, he always was
there was never a magical day when he changed
from a blob to human flesh and blood

if he started off as merely tissue
not a child, but something dismissable
was there a period of time when the change
took place that made him less discardable?

did it start at his head and work its way down
from blob to boy, he slowly changed
was a third of him a human at one point
and then half of him human the next day?

and was two-thirds of him then human (just not the feet)
was he almost done being a “parasite”?
or did it happen in an instant
with a tiny sparking poof of light

the day the laws made it illegal
for me to “get rid of” him
is that the day my son earned the right
to finally be called “human”?

Others might’ve asked of my unborn son
“but will he have financial opportunity?
because if he’s just going to be one more poor person
we might put his personhood under scrutiny.”  (he might not get that title back!)

Well, he’ll have food and clothes to wear
but if necessities were at risk
his father who is man enough to be a father
would work three jobs to take the brunt of it.

“But if you didn’t know his father,
the child was forced on you, a hurtful burden
surely you would have consented then
that he was a problem and you were undeserving.”

and then I’d hang my head in grief
for women who bear that scar…
but a human created in cruelty and hate
is still a human when it’s torn apart.

My son in his first month, unborn
was human, science cannot deny
and he had the right to be called “human”
even if I’d wanted him to die.

the line of development he’s followed
has never been broken from conception through now
silent and defenseless then
he has become dramatic and loud!

my little boy is running in circles
and jabbering as I type
he knows nothing of “tissue” and “parasite”
and “blob of cells” or pro-choice hype.

I am the only one who carried him
who felt his body growing week by week
and being his mother gives me the unopposable authority
to declare that he was human while he was the weakest of the weak.

everything of intelligence, of study
everything of science, faith and reason
acknowledges that my son who is is my son who was
and he’s always had the right to be called human.

Let’s Call It What It Is: “Human”  by Juliana Schmit

Baby Steps

May 22, 2012 § 4 Comments

It really frustrates me when I don’t have time to blog.  It just seems lately like I have had something going on every single day and by the time I sit down in front of my laptop, all my energy is gone.  But you all know what it’s like to be busybusybusy, so enough whining from me.  Here’s a list (because that’s simple) of what has happened in my life lately!

1. I went to Michigan!!!  You wouldn’t have time to blog either if you were playing with the CUTEST nephew in the world for four straight days.  Cathy and I went out there to visit our sister, Juliana, who lives with her husband Daniel, son Leo, and soon-to-be-arriving, as yet unnamed, daughter.  While out there, we attended Tara and Joe’s wedding with Leo as our date.  Jul was the matron of honor in the wedding, and Daniel was a groomsman, so Cathy and I got to watch Leo all day long.  He can say “Ahhh Wo” for Aunt Rose, and “Ahhh Keeeee” for Aunt Kitty (Cathy’s nickname).  Okay, sorry, but if you understood how cute he was, you’d want to know these details.

2.  My company moved our office this past Saturday.  We did not hire movers because we are a small 6 person company (5 guys and me, it sounds like a sitcom).  Basically, we packed everything up and toted it three blocks north.  There were some lessons learned throughout the whole process, indeed there were.  Things such as: Just because there are only 6 people in your company doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of stuff.  You do.  You definitely have a lot of stuff.  Another lesson: IT guys are total hoarders.  Also, giant moving trucks, narrow streets, and large crowds of people at the Fine Arts Fiesta DON’T MIX.  And, never underestimate the ingenuity of guys who NEED to get that desk through that too-narrow doorway.  More things to never underestimate: the amount of innuendoes your (all-male) coworkers can make when you (a female) are trying to direct the movement & placement of large objects; the amount of beer your coworkers can consume as they move while still being completely able to assemble desks and wire computers; the amount guys sweat.  Gross.

3.  I got back into my garden!  Friday was a beautiful evening, so I threw on some grubby pants and a t-shirt, and weeded out my strawberry patch.  I have 15 plants, and I think 11 of them are large enough to bear fruit.  Now the sun just needs to keep shining!  I don’t think I will grow anything else this year.  I barely have enough time to devote to my strawberries and I hate that feeling of neglecting your plants.  My mom wants to plant some stuff, so I will help her with that if I itch to do any other gardening.  Speaking of plants, my new office has windows (!!!!!) so I am going to get a few plants for the room.  It’s fun to decorate a new space.  Now I just need to see if I can sneak my Sidney Crosby Fathead in without the guys noticing.  😉

4.  The guys won their softball game last night to go to a 1-2 record for the season.  I suspect this will be their best season yet.

5.  I tried to paint my nails for the wedding in MI and remembered why I hate nail polish. 

6.  I discovered I really like this band: A Silent Film.  If you like alt rock, check them out!

Busy Busy May

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s May!  Several exciting events are happening in May and I can’t wait for the month to unfold.  First up is the continuation of playoff hockey.  The Blues (second favorite NHL team) lost again to the Kings, which means they’re down 0-2 in the series.  I want them to win and advance to the Conf. finals because I really don’t care about any of the other teams still in it, at all.  Hockey playoffs is the only time of the year when I wish I had a tv that received channels.  I hate missing good games!  The WBS Penguins lost the first game of their second round series against St. John’s last night.  My mother has now decided to forget about Western Canada and focus on vacationing in St. John’s one day.  I will admit, all the pictures she’s found online have been gorgeous.  I guess if you have the weird kind of parents that I do, the ones who want to go on vacation somewhere cold and windy (preferably during hurricane season), and who watch the Weather Channel (while their children are being attacked by wild animals), and who (many years ago) decided (on a whim) to drive out to Niagara Falls through the night with 5 small children in a crowded old station wagon, you take what you can get when it comes to vacations.  And St. John’s, Newfoundland, does have some sweeping vistas. 

Also up in May:

  • My cousin Erica’s baby shower is this Saturday!  She and her husband Bryan are expecting their first little baby in July. 
  • Cathy and I are visiting our sister Juliana, her husband Daniel, and baby Leo out in Michigan next week!  Juliana is due (with a baby girl!) right around the same time as Erica.  I love babies.
  • Our office is moving on the 3rd weekend of May.  This should be interesting.  I’ve never participated in an office move before.  We are only moving 3 blocks away from our current office, but I’m excited to have our own building finally.  No more sharing bathrooms and kitchens with 10 other offices!  I’m glad we are staying near Public Square, though.  I really enjoy being able to walk to the Farmer’s Market in the summer time and also being close to so many different lunch places.  If you work or live in WB, the new sushi place, Akeno, that just opened on S. Main Street is very good.  I’ve had rolls from there several times and they were all delicious.  They have a great lunch special too!
  • My garden will finally be tillable.  I cannot WAIT to get back into my garden.  It’s been so chilly and rainy here lately, I haven’t gone out and done anything yet.  I’m not worried though.  My hardy strawberry plants will pop back up just fine, and I have to decide what else I want to grow this year.  Any suggestions?  

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